How Can You Get Visitors Returning To Your Website Every Day Without Writing Yourself?

What is the best way to get visitors to visit your website every day? The answer is sticky content.

What is sticky content?

Sticky content is the name we give to content that keeps bringing visitors back to your website over and over again. Industry research has shown that having sticky content on your site is the most important part of your website’s success as it guarantees return readers.

When it comes to a successful website, content is the most important element for your brand. This is how you will reach customers online, so you really need to work on the right kind of content.

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Some kinds of content however are more ‘sticky’ than others. Blog posts or short news pieces may be interesting for readers, but they also exist as ‘one-off’ pieces and they do not guarantee that visitors will return to your site, even if one or two of the articles go viral. News pieces for example go stale very quickly, as does travel content or even blog posts and thought pieces about current affairs. With that in mind, you need to create sticky content that gives your readers a reason to return over and over again.

What is the best kind of sticky content?

Depending on the theme of your website, much of your content may rely on the next news cycle. This means that the articles you post may not be relevant over a long period of time and they may not keep bringing people back. Just because a reader liked one article you posted, it doesn’t mean they will come back to your site to read another piece on a different topic. This means that these kinds of articles, however high quality, are not very ‘sticky’ at all, which can affect the productivity and overall success rates of your website.

How do you find the right sticky content for your website that will drive tangible results? Read on as we show you how!

You need a Low Bounce Rate!

 A Low Bounce Rate is the key to a successful website.

A High Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without looking at any other pages on your website.

It is imperative that you don’t have a High Bounce Rate. This shows that visitors come to your site to see a single article and then leave, and it is hard for a website to be successful in this case. It also means that your web content is not relevant to visitors who read your website.

What is the solution to a High Bounce Rate?

In a word: Horoscopes!

Horoscopes are proven to give you a Low Bounce Rate as users are more likely to visit other pages on your website if they have multiple links to click on.

If you have a Low Bounce Rate then this also means that you will have even better SEO search rankings and your website will rank higher in Google searches.

What are Horoscopes so popular?

Ask yourself this question…

How many websites have you seen that have Horoscopes?

Probably the answer is ‘a lot’ as many websites now have a Horoscopes page or tab.

Some kinds of websites that feature Daily Horoscopes include:

  • News websites.
  • Dating websites
  • Entertainment news websites
  • Health and fitness websites
  • Lifestyle websites
  • Fashion websites
  • Astrology websites
  • General entertainment websites
  • Quiz websites
  • New age websites
  • Alternative therapies websites
  • And many more…           

Put simply, Daily Horoscopes mean higher returning traffic!           

The reason that so many websites also include Daily Horoscopes is that they bring a guaranteed audience back to your site every single day. Once readers are on the site, there is a higher chance that they will click on other articles or links, improving your rankings and your website’s income!

Daily Horoscopes have an addictive quality to them, as people become engaged in checking their Horoscope every day to forecast their day ahead. Daily Horoscopes are therefore one of the easiest and quickest ways to create reader and brand loyalty. A study has also shown that 58% of Americans between 18 and 24 believe that horoscopes are scientific and some of the most popular websites for under 30s publish daily horoscope content.

According to web analytics websites, you can enjoy around a 70%+ return rate of visitors when you use Horoscopes as part of your sticky Content. This is a high return, particularly for a new website and one of the best ways to improve your growth quickly!

The following is a screenshot of the latest Google Analytics statistics from a site that uses Daily Horoscopes:

This site is an excellent example of how sticky content using Horoscopes can help your site, as features daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes which auto update every day. The rest of the site has not been updated for months, other than the horoscope pages.

Despite the fact that most of the site features static content, it still has 70% returning traffic every day and the bounce rate is as low as 32%. In global terms, this is a small site, but it still brings in traffic of over 450,000 page views per month which is huge considering its size!

The best thing about using Horoscopes on your website? You can try it for free with very easy installation from By using you can get a lucrative daily horoscope feed for your website without hiring an astrologer!

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